Waldent i-LIGHT LED Curing Light with Photometer


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LED Light Cure Unit with Photometer

Waldent introduces LED Curing Light with Photometer with finest technology. This LED Curing Light has been designed after thorough research from conventional light cure units.Neverthless, the intensity of the light is ideal for curing the dental restorative material with optimum wavelength.

Multiple options for setting the time of the Light cure unit makes it easy for the dentist to use optimum time required for curing the restorative material.

Ideally used for:

  • – Curing Light cure Composite or Glass Ionomer
  • – For bleaching procedure

Four working modes:

  • – HIP: Strong mode indicator light
  • – LOP: Low mode indicator light
  • – Flashing mode indicator light
  • – Gradually strong mode indicator light

Key Specifications.


Package: 270 x 190 x 80mm
Gross Weight: 0.70kg
Input Voltage: 110V-240V AC, 50-60Hz
Output Voltage: DC 12V
Battery: Lithium -ion battery
Capability of Battery: 2200mAh
Battery Voltage: 3.7V
Suitable temp: 5°C ~ 50°C
Relative Humidity: Less than or equal to 80%
Solidify time & depth: 5s/3mm
Light Wavelength: 420-480nm
Light Intensity: 1200-2000mw/cm2
Minimum Charging Time: 4-8 hours



Air Pressure: Maximum 0.2~0.25 MPa (2~2.5kgf/cm2)

Minimum 0.18~0.22 MPa (1.8~2.2kgf/cm2)


  • Be sure to sufficiently lubricate the air-rotor with good quality handpiece oil befoe Autoclaving


  • Autoclavable upto 135C


  • 6 months warranty against manufacturing defect on battery
  • 5 years warranty on PCB
  • FAQs

Q. What is Curing Light?

A. The Dental Curing Light is a device which is used to cure the light cure filling material or Composite.

Q. What type of light Waldent i-Light uses?

A. The Waldent i-Light uses blue spectrum visible light with the wavelength range of 420nm-480nm.

Q. Is the Waldent i-Light ultraviolet?

A. No, Waldent i-Light emits blue spectrum of visible light. These are light emitting diode.

Q. Does Waldent i-Light cure all type of composites?

A. Yes, Waldent i-Light cures all types of composites. Different types of shades & thickness uses different intensity of light & curing time.

Q. What is the depth of cure?

A. Curing depth is 3mm/5sec. However, the depth of cure is dependent on a number of factors that are less dependent on the light used and more on the materials. Darker color resins require more curing time. Curing thin layers of restorative material or bonding agents requires less time. Micro fills require more curing time than micro-hybrids, nanohybrids, or Nano fills.

Q. What is the use of eye shield in Waldent i-Light?

A. The Waldent i-Light eye shield provides a large protection area to the operator’s eyes. The position of eye shield is fully adjustable according to the operator’s need.

Q. Is it safe to use Waldent i-Light during pregnancy?

A. Yes, it is safe during pregnancy to get the composite filling done, but due to difficulty in sitting/chair position for the pregnant women it is recommended to be done in second trimester.

Q. Can the Waldent i-Light cause cancer?

A. Waldent i-Light is not a cancer-causing device if used under prescribed conditions.

Q. On how many modes Waldent i-Light can work?

A. The Waldent i-Light has four working modes that can be selected according to the filling material & treatment need.

Q. What is the curing time of Waldent i-Light?

A. The curing time of Waldent i-Light is 5sec/3mm.

Q. Can the Waldent i-Light work for bleaching treatment?

A. Yes, it works for bleaching by selecting the specified mode i.e. gradually strong mode indicator light and a specialized Bleaching Probe comes in the packaging.

Q. What is the power source Waldent i-Light?

A. The Waldent i-Light have 2200 mAH rechargeable battery

Q. How long the Waldent i-Light battery survives if once charged fully?

A. The battery has the standby time of 90 days.

Q. How to clean the Waldent i-Light unit?

A. To clean the Waldent i-Light use 99% alcohol-based disinfectant.

Q. What is the warranty of Waldent i-Light?

A. The Waldent i-Light have warranty of 1 year on complete unit and of 6 months on battery.

Q. What does the package contain?

A. The package consists of –

– 1x Light cure probe

– 1 x Power Adapter

– 1 x Light shielding barrier

– 1x LED curing light unit

– 1 x Bleaching Probe

– Instruction Manual

  • Features
  • High quality LED Light Cure Unit
  • Comfortable grip suiting the ergonomics
  • Wireless LED Light Cure Unit with Photometer to check for the intensity of the light
  • The battery can be replaced
  • Four working modes
  • Time setting: 5s 10s 15s 20s 25s 30s 35s 40s
  • A full charge can be used for over 200 times (10 s/time)
  • Constant light intensity, the solidification effect is stable even the battery power decrease
  • Packaging
  • 1 x LED curing light unit
  • 1 x Light cure probe
  • 1 x Power Adapter
  • 1 x Light sheilding barrier
  • 1 x Bleaching Probe
  • Instruction Manual

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Additional information




1 instruction manual., 1 x Bleaching Probe., 1 x LED curing light unit., 1 x Light cure probe., 1 x Light sheilding barrier., 1 x Power adapter

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Waldent i-LIGHT LED Curing Light with Photometer

Waldent i-LIGHT LED Curing Light with Photometer


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