Waldent 3-Way Syringe – Standard


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  • WALDENT 3-way syringe has 2 nozzles in a box controlled by 2 buttons.
  • The Left Button Controls the Water Flow Volume, the Right Button Controls the Air Flow Volume. Pushing both buttons at the same time generates a mist.
  • WALDENT 3-Ways Syringe features an O-ring groove that secures tip-lock for patient safety and eliminates leakage.
  • The angle in the tip provides an ideal placement of the tip anywhere in a patient’s mouth, and is strong enough to allow for retraction.


  • The box and hosuing is made of Premium Quality Stainless Steel.
  • The handle is made of High Quality aluminum with smooth styling that fits comfortably in your hand.
  • The package includes 2 Autoclavable tips.
  • Tips are constructed of solid alloy.


  • Waldent 3-way syringe supplies a focused stream of compressed airwater, or a combination of both.
  • Frequently used to clean a tooth or surface during dental treatment.


• Well-balanced.
• Smooth, comfortable style.
• Autoclavable.

Key Specifications

  • 6-Holes in the tip head for wider coverage
  • Tip Size & Weight: ∅4*85mm, 6g
  • Syringe Size & Weight: 31*118*20mm, 123g
  • Autoclavable Tip (within 135℃)

Direction to Use 


  • Left Button Controls the Water Flow Volume
  • Right Button Controls the Air Flow Volume
  • Pushing Both Buttons at the Same Time Generates Mist.



While installing the 3-Way Syringe onto your dental chair shut your unit off and press both buttons of your existing syringe until all flow stops. Unscrew the syringe handle and cut the tubing as close as possible to the syringe head.


Discard the old syringe and the handle. Trace the lines of the syringe tubing to identify which is air and which is water. Once the lines are separated and trimmed, they are ready to be pushed on to the barbs of the syringe.

Unscrew the handle from your new syringe and slide the handle over the tubing. Next, attach the air and water lines of the syringe tubing to the barbs on the syringe head. The water line will attach to the left-hand button (when looking at the back of the syringe head) and the airline to the right-hand side. Attach the water line first (the sleeve clamp is pushed farther into the tubing) by sliding it over the barb.


You can dip the end of the tubing in hot water and/or lubricate the barb with some silicone lubricant to make it easier to slide the tubing on. You’ll want to slide the tubing only about 1/2-3/4 of the way on. Once the water line is attached you can then attach the airline using the same procedure. After both lines are attached to the barbs, use a plier to push the tubing, the rest of the way onto the barbs when they are seated.

Slide the syringe handle up and hand-tighten it onto the head. Turn your unit on and test the syringe for function. Put the cover back on your unit and your chair got a new syringe!


How to sterilise the syringe ?

The syringe can be sterilised by mixing a disinfectant solution in the water supply (bottle/direct) of the chair .

How will I know when to replace the 3-Way Syringe ?

In an ideal scenario, the syringe should be replaced on yearly basis. In a situation where while pressing the Air nozzle button drops of water coming out or vice-versa, change of the syringe is recommended.

How to replace the tips of the syringe ?

Press the O-Ring on the head and push the tip outward to release it. When the tip comes out, change the tip and release the O-Ring to secure the tip in place.


3-Way Syringe

  • Features
  • 1) ERGONOMIC DESIGNSmooth contours for quick, thorough cleaning
    Highly Harm-free Aircraft-Grade Aluminum

    – Valve Core style button operation

    – Left Button Controls the Water Flow Volume
    – Right Button Controls the Air Flow Volume
    – Pushing Both Buttons at the Same Time Generates Mist
    4) NOZZLES
    – Tips are constructed of solid alloy
    – Precise control of air, water and spray
    5) RUST FREE
    Corrosion Resistant – Passivated
    Nozzles is full autoclavable up to 134 °C / 273 °F
     Rusting Prevention  Passivated
     Ultrasonic cleaned  Yes
     Usage  Right & Left hand
     Test Performed  Boil Test, Performance Test, Shape   Test
     Packing  Pouches
     Manufacturer  CE & ISO Certified
  • Packaging
    • 3 Way Syringe – With Two Autoclavable Tips

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3 Way Syringe – With Two Autoclavable Tips

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Waldent 3-Way Syringe - Standard

Waldent 3-Way Syringe - Standard


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