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The use of everStick C&B fibre reinforcement offers a unique treatment method for replacing missing teeth.With everStick C&B you can prepare composite ridges reinforced with fibres in one single visit using a minimally invasive technique. This evidence based fibre reinforcement technology provides you with a metal free, cost-effective treatment method complete your prosthetic treatment choices.GC everStick C&B enables you to prepare reversible, minimally invasive solutions where healthy tooth structure can be saved for as long as it is clinically.


  • Perfect for urgent situations and trauma cases to provide an immediate solution to replace missing teeth
  • Economical alternative in case of extensive restorative needs Ideal for both anterior and posterior restorations



  • Surface retained bridges, Inlay and onlay bridges
  • Hybrid bridges
  • Full cover crown bridges
  • Implant-supported bridges
  • Temporary bridges
  • Immediate bridges

Key Specification.

Clinical Tips for Anterior bridges

  • Keep the fibre protected from the light to avoid premature curing.
  • By removing old restorations, you can obtain space for the fibre frame without additional preparation of the teeth.
  • In anterior bridges, attach the fibre frame as incisally as possible to allow maximum support for the bridge.
  • At the occlusal contact, the optimal thickness of the composite layer on top of the fibre frame is 1-2mm. Apply StickRESIN, thin with air, light-cure and cover again with composite.
  • Attach a transverse fibre with flowable composite on the occlusal side to support the pontic.
  • The fibres must be entirely covered with composite. Use thixotropic GC flowables for a precise application.
  • If you notice after placement that the fibre is too long, shorten it with a diamond bur during the finishing phase. Make sure not to cut the fibres
  • Store the package in the refrigerator.

Direction to Use.

Step 1: Measure the length of fibre needed

Step 2: Cut the fibre inside the silicone

Step 3: Clean the teeth with pumice and water

Step 4: Etch the teeth for 45-60 seconds

Step 5: Bond the etched area and light-cure

Step 6: Apply a flowable composite; do not light-cure

Step 7: Position the fibre on top of the flowable

Step 8: Spread the fibre on the surface of the first tooth

Step 9: Light-cure while protecting the rest of the fibre

Step 10: Bend the centre of the fibre labially to support the pontic, and hold it in position. Do not light-cure.

Step 11: Spread the fibre on the surface of the second tooth, while keeping the labial curvature. Light-cure the complete structure.

Step 12: Add a transverse fibre occlusally; cover with flowable & light-cure

Step 13: Layer the pontic with composite

Step 14: Finish and check the occlusion


Everstick C And B 2 x 12Cm

  • 2 x 12cm Refill

Everstick C And B 1 x 8Cm

  • 1 x 8cm Refill 8cm

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Everstick C And B 1 x 8Cm, Everstick C And B 2 x 12Cm


Gc Everstick C And B 1 x 8Cm – PRICE – Rs. – 3290, Gc Everstick C And B 2 x 12Cm – Rs. – 7960

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